Friday, October 23, 2009

Bryson Live

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Middle School Students

Middle School students of Wakefield School, this blog is for you to see what has been happening in the Virtue Council meetings. This is also so you can tell me any of your ideas so they can be heard at the meetings. If you were to have any concerns, you can email me suggestions, questions, and things like that at Below I have my campaign speech, just in case if it answers any questions or concerns.

I would like to represent the eighth grade on the middle school virtues council. I think that I embody all of the Wakefield School virtues. I have good leadership qualities such as being fair, just, and a good listener and I always follow through with my commitments. My goals are to help promote togetherness and teamwork amongst the middle school. I will help institute programs whereby we can join together to give back to the community and our school. I will also try to create social activities, such as fundraising for the school, and activities that we can carry on through our upper school years. I will make sure that everyone's voice is heard and that everyone will have input into what the different activities or projects will be.